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    200W 4in1 50° LED Professional Profile Light

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    2018-12-19 16:58:17


LED technology:1*200W RGBW


Power consumption:200W            

Number of channels:2CH

Beam angle:19°、26°、36°、50°available

Dimming:0-100%linear dimming

Control options:DMX Auto-trigger



Light size:340*270*710MM 

Package size:350*350*750MM

200W专业版 - 副本.jpg

200w 专业.jpg

200w 专业p.jpg



  The function and effect of the new type professional LED face lamp are bright, clear and even.

  Exhibition lamp is a new LED lamp developed for various types of automobile exhibitions, exhibitions, museums and other places with strict requirements on light efficiency. It can illuminate more than 30% brightness than the same type of lamp.

  Stable and uniform color temperature; pure, undisturbed spot. The appearance inherits the solid aluminium alloy shape of the former exhibition lamps, and the new LED exhibition lamps are more integrated with ABS engineering plastics, which makes the texture more meticulous.

  The lamp body is lighter. Four shading blades can adjust the angle of light projection according to environmental requirements. New light path design, high brightness imported LED light source, and special high-focus lens, brightness beyond the traditional

  Bubble exhibition lamp, and LED light source life of up to 50,000 hours, breaking the past bubble exhibition lamp source loss rate of high hard injury, in terms of cost savings, the advantage is obvious.

  The standard DMX512 signal protocol breaks the singularity of traditional lamps and lanterns, and makes the operation humane. It does not need to wait for a long time to start and cool each time when opening or closing. As a new type of exhibition lighting product,

  It will become the mainstream of lighting in major auto exhibitions, exhibition halls, expositions, television stations and government cultural buildings.

Company strength:

  Foshan Mengjin Technology Equipment Co.,Ltd. specializing in research and development of stage lighting, the products sell well all over the country.The design of our products has been patented successfully, and we have also obtained certificate of compliance.



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